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With having a cheeky, cheerful and lively personality; Paul Manners is a British multi-talented singer, songwriter, musician, performer, actor, DJ and Quiz host; best known for his party anthem “Hold You In My Arms” performed by him on Britain’s got talent. Getting the crowd hyped and overtaking Eastenders in viewer numbers with 11.9 million viewers, that timeless escapade is just a small taste of what he can do.


You're a born entertainer.”

David Walliams

Yes, I'm a fan. He was a really sweet guy and I wish him well.”

Peter Andre

UK Charity Week #UKCharityWeek

During these difficult times ahead regarding the latest pandemic please kindly find it in your hearts to donate. Funds will do to making new music, mixes and future charity appearances.
Sending you all much love and good health. Thank you.